Your budget in focus!

In cooperation with our strategic partners in China we became a leading provider in high-end tool building.

Factors like time, costs, quality and a continuously proceeding development in China were reason enough for us to seek a professional solution for our customers.
At this point we were faced by the following concrete question: How do we ensure consequently that our customer receives a high-end product from Asia? We faced this question together with our partners and found a solution.

We have already convinced a lot of our long-time customers.
We are able to produce not only single tools but also large projects with a number of tools for you in time and in a high quality. Interesting mixed tooling packages from Germany and China give the necessary flexibility to our customer.

Special tools from the tooling package, e. g. 2 or 3 component tools, can be manufactured at exrotec in Germany. Thus, complicated processes and parameters can be evaluated and adjusted strictly after tool finishing at the production site in Germany or Europe. A big part of the tools from this package can be built in China. The bottom line results in an extremely interesting solution for all who look for a beneficial solution at a simultaneously highest quality level.

The companies of our cooperation partners are located in Xiamen, a coastal town in the southeast of the People's Republic of China. Its centre is placed on an island with the same name that lies in front of the mainland. It has also an airport of its own with an international overseas harbour. This modern infrastructure guarantees the best possible logistics and transport clearing.

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