Engineering, Tool Design, Project Mangement

Transparency by clear documentation and well structured working methods


  • Design of single and assembly parts
  • Design and end-finish of assemblies regarding technical tool feasibility

Tool Design:

  • Tool design, software: UG NX4 und NX5 (Unigraphics ), Cimatron E13
  • MOLD-FLOW analysis, software MOLDEX 3D

Project Management:

  • Project Management. Our project team provides a long-time experience and references regarding feasibility of tool projects in Germany, Europe and LCC.
  • Previous customer service, engineering.

Tool shop in Germany and China

 Precision, flexibility and high profitability

  • Injection moulding tools: 1-, 2, 3 components
  • Internal gas pressure mouldings
  • In-mould decoration tools
  • Micro injection moulding tools
  • Metal conducting tools
  • Die cast metal tools
  • Competitive close-to-series prototype tools, particularly for testing processes
  • Competitive prototype tools as well as production of moulded prototype parts
  • Tool manufacturing in Germany until 7t.
  • Tool manufacturing in Germany until 12t.
  • Specialized in modern high speed milling. The absolutely latest machine technology of RÖDERS and MAKINO is available.
  • High grade of automation in the tool shop. Respectively the FMC system (Flexible Manufacturing Cell) "Chameleon" of Messrs. ZIMMER&KREIM was installed in 2005 already. Result: Precision, flexibility and high profitability!
  • Planning and manufacturing of special machines and production facilities and devices.
  • Contract manufacturing in all ranges.
  • Preparation of PSW reports.
  • Tool testing at long-time strategic partners in Germany.
  • Tool testing in China directly inside the pilot plant.
  • German standarts such as HASCO, BÖHLER, BUDERUS and MEUSBURGER in China.


Current Reference projects

 Automotive Industry:

  • BMW ashtray cupholder systems
  • DAIMLER steering wheel covers (chrome-plated and painted version)
  • BMW steering wheel covers (chrome-plated and painted version)
  • BMW light management, reflector and lens, plastic material PC, steel high gloss polished
  • BMW I12 air vents, 1- to 3-component injection tools
  • BMW Schienengleiter 2- components, applicable on many vehicles
  • BMW F4X folding table
  • AUDI Q7 air vent housings
  • AUDI R8 air vents, 1- to 3-component injection tools
  • AUDI B9 defroster nozzle and mounting carrier
  • VW Passat B8 air vent housing
  • VW Passat kinematic display
  • Mercedes-Benz W205 storage housing
  • Mercedes-Benz BR213 display cover
  • TOYOTA 870A air vent housings
  • Airbag components
  • Fixing elements, 2- and 3- component tooling
  • Technical parts for motor management

Medical Industry:

  • Pump housings for blood management

Electronic Industry:

  • Micro spools
  • Connector parts
  • Housings and covers for telecommunication industry
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